The Story Of Femi Otedola Wheelchair and The Disabled

The Story Of Femi Otedola Wheelchair and The Disabled – Femi Otedola, a business entrepreneur, talks on the stages of life he has traversed in his pursuit of happiness and how accumulating fortune has never brought him genuine satisfaction.

According to the wealthy businessman, in his quest for pleasure, life taught him a few things other than accumulating cash or homes.

Femi Otedola Wheelchair
Femi Otedola Wheelchair

Femi Otedola stated this during a phone conversation with a radio station, recalling how a crippled kid transformed his outlook on life and the true meaning of happiness.

In his own words;

“I went through four stages of happiness in my life before realizing what actual bliss was.” The first stage was to amass riches and resources. But I didn’t achieve the happiness I desired at this point.”

“Then came the second step, which was the gathering of valuables and things.” But I discovered that the influence of this thing is likewise fleeting, and the brilliance of precious things fades quickly. The third step of obtaining large projects arrived. That was when I controlled 95% of Nigeria’s and Africa’s fuel supply. In addition, I was the largest vessel owner in Africa and Asia. But even here, I could not find the bliss I had hoped for.”

“In the fourth stage, a buddy of mine urged me to purchase a wheelchair for some disadvantaged youngsters.” There are around 200 children. I bought the wheelchairs right away at the request of a buddy. But the acquaintance insisted on accompanying me to give over the wheelchairs to the youngsters. I got ready and followed him.”

“There, with my own hands, I handed these wheelchairs to these youngsters.” I saw an unique light of contentment on these children’s faces. I observed them all seated on wheelchairs, moving around, and having a good time. It seemed as though they had come at a picnic location where they were sharing the proceeds of a lottery win.”

“I felt genuine excitement within me.” When I made the decision to go, one of the youngsters grabbed my legs. I attempted to gently release my legs, but the youngster gazed at me and gripped my legs hard. I knelt and asked the youngster, “Do you need anything else?” The response this youngster gave me not only made me joyful, but it also entirely transformed my outlook on life.”

“I want to remember your face so that when I see you in heaven, I will be able to recognize you and thank you again,” stated one youngster.

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