Biography Of Evaldas Rimasauskas (Age , Net Worth)

Biography Of Evaldas Rimasauskas (Age , Net Worth) – What is the most unusual method someone become wealthy?

It’s worth relaying the story of Evaldas Rimasauska’s insane – but shockingly successful – scheme to steal $120 million from Google and Facebook.

Evaldas Rimasauskas
Evaldas Rimasauskas


Evaldas Rimasauskas formed a firm in Latvia named Quanta Computer at the beginning of 2013, which has the same name as a Taiwanese hardware manufacturing company. Isn’t that a little suspicious?


Then, over the course of two years, he sent bills to Google and Facebook for things from his bogus firm that he had never sold, replete with false stamps, signatures, and a huge amount of corporate and legal language. Sounds like a terrible plan. Surely, a corporation with some of the strongest legal and financial brains would simply throw away these forged invoices?

As you could have suspected, they didn’t. Without a doubt, two of the greatest IT companies in the world contributed millions of dollars to Rimasaukas. He’d keep sending them bogus bills, and they’d always pay up. Evaldas Rimasauskas eventually amassed a sizable fortune, receiving $23 million from Google and $99 million from Facebook.

He did not, however, remain wealthy for long. People eventually got on to him, and he is currently serving a five-year sentence for wire fraud.

Financial fraud will always be associated with large-scale, intricate, and elaborate methods, such as hacking into systems or obtaining secret papers. The intriguing thing about this story is that it demonstrates that even large corporations may fall prey to such basic approaches.

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