List Of Books On Addiction (Free PDF Download)

List Of Books On Addiction (Free PDF Download) – We’re all hoping for different things. You may have waited patiently, done the right thing, prayed, and thanked God, yet nothing has changed. It appears that getting well, breaking the addiction, and meeting the perfect person will take a long time. No, you must prepare. “When the time comes,” God declares, “I will accomplish it fast.” God has predetermined specific destiny times in your life when He will do a swift work.

Books On Addiction
Books On Addiction

It will be so out of the norm that you will know it is from God. What should take years will be completed in a fraction of the time. Every notion may inform you, “It’s irreversible. It will never change,” but God is saying, “This is a moment I have set apart for you.” It will occur unexpectedly.” Now, come to terms with God. Instead of focusing on all the reasons why it won’t work out, start praising Him that breakthroughs are on the way.

Today’s Prayer

Father, thank You for directing destiny moments in my life that result in breakthroughs that transform what appeared immutable. Thank You for arranging the fulfillment of Your plans for my life. I think You will do what should take years in record time. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

List Of Books On Addiction (Free PDF Download) :

  1. Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is) – Joshua Harris (PDF)
  2. Self-Centeredness – The Source Of All Grief – Andrew Wommack
  3. Pride Versus Humility – Derek Prince (Free PDF)
  4. Porn-Again Christian – Mark Driscoll (Free PDF)
  5. Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits – Joyce Meyer (Free PDF)
  6. Free PDF Download: How to Discipline Your flesh – Kenneth Copeland
  7. Free PDF Download: Deliverance from Alcohol – Oral Roberts
  8. Free PDF Download: All About Fornication – Dag Heward-Mills

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