Biography of Apostle Simon Ezekiel Okewu (Age , Wife)

Apostle Simon Ezekiel Okewu, born on January 26th, is a Nigerian preacher, Christian author, businessman, and educator. He is the President of Burning Heart Revival Barrack, Lafia, a ministry dedicated to raising a generation of young people who are passionate about God and their souls.

The ministry of Apostle Simon Ezekiel is distinguished by the pure word of God, prophecy, healings, and many manifestations of miracles, signs, and wonders to the glory of God.

Apostle Simon Ezekiel Okewu
Apostle Simon Ezekiel Okewu

Simon Ezekiel, the apostle, was born in Kaduna state (Nigeria). He is a member of the Idoma tribe from Ogbadibo, Benue State, Nigeria. On June 13th, 2016, he had a life-changing meeting. On that day, he had a vision in which his right hand was raised up and he saw several little white particles. The chemicals were lively and plentiful, resembling a slew of electric fuses. When he tried to focus his vision on those items, they became bothersome, and he returned to his senses.

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He walked into his room, shut the door behind him, and began to pray, taken aback by what he saw. While praying, he was distracted by another vision, this time of a pregnant lady. The only portion of her he could see was her pregnant tummy, he said. This marked the start of his path toward purpose and destiny fulfillment.

The apostle Simon Ezekiel is frequently quoted as saying that he is a result of numerous graces and anointings. His passion for God pushed him to Bible School, but he refused to graduate even after finishing his course, stating that he went to the Bible School not for a degree, but because he wanted to experience God, and since he was not content, the Bible School was just getting started. Since then, Apostle Simon Ezekiel has been a dedicated Bible learner who is open to the body of Christ. He openly expresses his gratitude for the sacrifices of faith’s fathers, noting that the lives and ministries of four key persons aided and altered his life. Pastor Benny Hinn, Apostle Joshua Selman, Apostle Philip Cephas, and Pastor Ernest Ayim are among them.

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