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Discover everything there is to know about Apostle John Chi Biography (Apostle John Chi Wiki), Apostle John Chi Wife, and Ark Of God Ministry John Chi. We’ll also give you information on Apostle John Chi’s Wedding, John Chi Living Water, and Apostle John Chi Contact Information. Furthermore, we will write about Apostle John Chi’s children and his entire family. This is probably not the first time you’ve heard of this great man of God. Senior Prophet TB Joshua mentored and anointed him to the office of God’s servants. John Chi was once a wise man at the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). Although he is no longer serving as a wise man at the SCOAN, he is still carrying out the mission that God has given him to accomplish for the sake of the Kingdom.

Apostle John Chi
Apostle John Chi


John Chi is more involved in God’s work than ever before. This time he is in Cameroon, his home country, rather than Nigeria, where he was mentored. When he returned to Cameroon from Nigeria, he was greeted by some of his own who assisted him in establishing a foundation for God’s things. This is not to say that he was universally accepted, since some of his contemporaries made it a point to persecute and denounce his works. We may learn from the Bible that “when God is with a person, no one can effectively oppose him/her.” It is important to note that you can be against someone God has selected, but you will never be successful. No one can say no when God says yes. Let us now investigate the mystery surrounding Apostle John Chi Biography.

Biography of Apostle John Chi

The Apostle John Chi Biography teaches us a lot. Let us guide you through this piece of writing. John Chi comes from Esu-Wum in the Menchum Division of Cameroon’s North West Region. On September 26, 1976, he was born from the union of Mr. Chi Victor and his wife Chi Lucy Ekange. John Chi graduated from primary school in 1989, but he did not continue his education because of financial constraints. As a result, he relocated to the South West Region of the country, where he worked as a House Help for Honorable Efite Andrew (locally called house boy). He had no idea that God was working behind the scenes to make a way where there appeared to be none.


For as long as he was in town, he worked humbly for Honorable Efite Andrew. He happened to see a crowd listening to a preacher one day and moved closer to them. This happened in Mutengene. The preacher had spotted him out of the crown and began prophesying before he could notice. “God is going to use you mightily, make you a great and famous prophet who will be known all over the world,” the prophecy said. And, as is typical of the majority, John Chi mistook the man for a fake pastor. A few days later, the pastor of the Sierra Leone Church where John Chi was attending said the same thing about the call on his life. The pastor then established a fasting period, which John Chi agreed but was unable to keep until the deadline.

Dealing with God’s Call in his Life

Still on Apostle John Chi Biography, we’ll go through the initial portion of his calling and how he dealt with it. When the Church fasting came to a close, the presiding pastor urged John Chi to embrace God’s call in his life. John Chi was perplexed by the concept and was not enthusiastic about it. This did not deter the pastor, who invited John Chi to accompany him to his homeland so that he might teach him the ways of God. Still confused by the concept, the pastor asked John Chi to be humble enough to accept the calling and leave the rest to God. John Chi and the pastor traveled to Sierra Leone in December 1999. They arrived in Nigeria first, from Cameroon, and the pastor housed John Chi at a friend’s home before leaving for a while.

One early morning, the house’s half-paralyzed head summoned John Chi and told him that God had revealed a vision to him. He was nervous about what God was about to reveal to him via the head of the household. It was they who advised him not to continue his trek to Sierra Leone since it was not where the disclosed star that God had shown him could be discovered. The guy suggested that John Chi enroll at the SCOAN Free Evangelical School, which he did. After his first day at SCOAN Evangelical School, he concluded he needed to learn more about Jesus Christ, the world’s savior. Back at home that night, John Chi prayed and implored God to disclose the identity of Prophet TB Joshua to him. Following his prayer, he entered a trance in which he discovered himself in a chamber illuminated by the light of a great star.

The Trance Regarding TB Joshua

While remaining in the trance, John Chi heard a voice say, “Stand up and walk outdoors.” He straightened up and headed outside without hesitation. Then he saw three guys clad in white, all staring to the sky and shouting, “Hosanna to the God of Prophet TB Joshua!” The latter stood there staring at him. He regained consciousness and got up, singing the melody that had been on his lips before falling asleep. The next day, John Chi was still in a trance when he noticed a stranger standing next his bed. The man’s physique was bronze-colored, and his eyes were fire-red. This man went John Chi to Cameroon and showed him the many areas that needed to be improved.

The guy emerged from the trance stating, “Whatever you ask the Father in my name, I will do.” After a while, the pastor who brought John Chi home returned to take them to Sierra Leone, but John Chi asked to maintain fellowship at the SCOAN. The pastor accepted and returned to his native country alone, leaving John Chi in the care of Prophet TB Joshua. John Chi was extensively involved in the construction of the SCOAN main auditorium. A guy once asked John Chi to accompany him to Prophet TB Joshua’s office. The latter requested that John Chi relocate to his community. He accepted the offer and travelled along with two other siblings. John Chi was then assigned to AKURE for nearly a year.

John Chi’s aspirations to establish a business in Cameroon

When his duty at AKURE ended, he planned to return to Cameroon to establish a company. But before he could begin carrying out his plans, he had a dream in which prophet TB Joshua appeared to him and said, “You are not going anywhere; for the time being, you are intended to be in Vendor Class.” He awoke and told Mr. Mbawa Patrick and others in the sitting room about his dream. Mr. Joachim, one of them who heard the dream, went to the SCOAN and told the coordinator about it, who communicated it to prophet TB Joshua. John Chi was invited to the SCOAN to inquire further about the dream. He was eventually accepted into the vendor class at SCOAN. This could only bring him joy for receiving such an award from Prophet TB Joshua.

John Chi’s Mountain vision for 2010

While performing his customary task on the Mountain in 2010, John Chi experienced a terrifying vision. He died in the vision, and his spirit departed his body. He found himself in front of a massive gate, with Angel Michael serving as the gatekeeper. Many others who had died were standing in a line alongside him. Angel Michael possessed a massive book, and whenever he summons a person, the book is opened and the individual’s existence on Earth is cross-checked. Those who met the qualifications had the gate opened for them, while those who did not meet the criteria were banished to a barren location. When it was John Chi’s time, Angel Michael opened the gate and let him inside.

He was led through the gate to a temple where everyone was clothed in white. Not long after he arrived, Angel Michael appeared through the gate, informing them that the High Priest would soon appear. Everyone present listened intently to Prophet TB Joshua’s Message while waiting for the High Priest. Angel Michael was present when the High Priest and the elders walked out together. The High Priest was carried to the throne, where John Chi attempted but failed to look him in the eyes. However, the Crucifixion wounds on his hands and feet were clearly visible to John Chi. He could also see a few other persons who had entered through the gate with him.

The High Priest delegated a mission to John Chi.

The High Priest began commissioning them not long after entering the celestial trance. When Jesus called the first person, he appointed him as an evangelist and granted another the authority to pastor his church. When it came John Chi’s time, the High Priest said, “I am sending you as a Prophet.” He also presented him with a little crucifix and requested to know what his heart desired. John Chi begged grace to serve in his presence, which he received. After then, John Chi began to fall to Earth, and as soon as he struck the earth, he awoke from his trance. Despite his terror at the vision, he informed his coworkers about it.

He had another vision after a few days on the mountain in which he died and his spirit departed his body. The spirit observes his casket being transported in a limousine. However, before the car could reach the settlement, it broke in two. The limousine’s front section was caring for his body, while the remainder was transporting his spirit. He could see the grave that had been dug and his body transported to be buried in the village. At that moment, his soul entered the grave for the last time before burial to visit the corpse. Surprisingly, he only saw the Prophet Elijah, Prophet Ezekiel, Apostle Paul, and Apostle Peter’s faces. He could read their names from their brows. He told his coworkers when he awoke. One week later, Prophet TB Joshua anointed them as Men of God.

Ministry of the Ark of God Chi John

The Ark Of God’s Covenant Ministry (AGCOM) arose from a heavenly revelation delivered to Apostle John Chi. God called John Chi and used Prophet TB Joshua to anoint him as an Apostle out of unmerited kindness. He was overcome with the urge to spread the Gospel to as many people as possible, but he had no idea how to do it. In the second week of July 2013, while praying to God for a vision on how to proceed, he had a miraculous encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. In the vision, he was on his knees pleading for God’s guidance when a heavenly voice said, “Look here.”

He gazed up to heaven without hesitation and saw the Lord Jesus Christ kneeling before the cross. Revelation 11:19 was inscribed on the cross, and the Lord said to him, “This is your commission.” And then he awoke, realizing it was 6 a.m. sharp. John Chi shared this vision with his spiritual father, Prophet TB Joshua, who instructed him to seek interpretation through a contemplative retreat. He began by reading Revelation 11:19, which says, “Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and within it was seen the ark of his covenant.” And then there were flashes of lightning, rumblings, thunderclaps, an earthquake, and a terrible hailstorm.” After reading this, Noah realized that the Ark was the ideal platform for sharing God’s light with the rest of the world. The reason we’re discussing about Ark Of God Ministry John Chi today. He is also the owner of Ark Of God TV.

Living Water, Apostle John Chi

The living water of Apostle John Chi is brought before everybody in the manner of that which is given out by his spiritual father, Prophet TB Joshua. It is a one-of-a-kind sign for anointing and setting apart men and women for God’s special involvement. The water is merely a symbolic movement with the driving energy of the Holy Spirit at its roots, which is brought on the scene via mature faith. Faithfully ministering this water results in healing, deliverance, breakthrough, and benefits. Examine the text that indicates that for the man who believes, anything is possible.

Wife of Apostle John Chi – Wedding of Apostle John Chi

We can’t talk about Apostle John Chi Biography without mentioning Apostle John Chi Wife or Apostle John Chi Wedding. Being a man of God is not, without a doubt, a call to celibacy. Get Apostle John Chi’s thoughts on marriage. “God desired a romantic bond. As a result, he created Adam. Because Adam was lonely, he made Eve. This was completed by Christ. This indicates that our oneness with one another is founded on our relationship with Christ. As a Christian, you must first marry Christ before Christ may pick your mate (husband and wife ). This is the path to a happy existence. Nobody can do anything alone.” Mrs. Adewunmi Ester, the wife of John Chi, was welcomed into the AGCOM Christian community with delight.

Children of Apostle John Chi – Apostle John Chi Family

Little is known about Apostle John Chi Children and the entire family at the time of writing.


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