Biography Of Apostle Effa Emmanuel Isaac (Age , Spiritual Father)

Biography Of  Apostle Effa Emmanuel Isaac (Age , Spiritual Father) is the President of Anagkazo Mission International, a pastor, seasoned writer, and speaker. A non-denominational movement headquartered in Kaduna, Nigeria.

He leads his weekly Friday sessions, which have helped shape men’s lives and changed many people’s lives. Emmanuel mentors and pastors to hundreds of (primarily) young men and women, helping to shape their worldview and prepare them for “Maximum Kingdom Impact.”

Apostle Effa Emmanuel
Apostle Effa Emmanuel

His ministry is a non-denominational movement with the purpose of raising watchmen, saviors, and deliverers over families and territories via the dissemination of life-changing teachings (audio, video, publications) across the world.

While preaching on the resurrection of Jesus Christ in a video on YouTube a few hours ago, Apostle Effa Emmanuel Isaac, a Writer and President of Anagkazo Mission International, disclosed three more persons who resurrected with Jesus on the third day.

Apostle Effa Emmanuel Spiritual Father
Apostle Effa Emmanuel Spiritual Father

“Some 2000 years ago, He was peaceful inside the underworld,” says Apostle Effa Emmanuel in the video. Many twisted things mocked Him, yet He waited patiently. Why was He being so patient? He wants the Book of Judgment to be opened because each soul that arrives will have the Book opened for the soul.

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“However, when they read the Book concerning Him, they found nothing against Him.” They suddenly realized that His presence was a mistake. It was not God’s kindness that raised Him up, but His righteousness that polluted the grave. The grave is exclusively for sin and death. They found not a single sin in His Book. They immediately began seeking for a way to apologize, but it was too late. They summed it up by claiming that if they had known, they would not have crucified Him. It was a huge blunder.Apostle Effa Emmanuel Age

“While still in the underworld, He spoke to Isaiah, Abraham, and Jeremiah.” He revealed to Abraham a stronger covenant than the Laws. All of them had to sacrifice their righteousness and accept Jesus’ righteousness. That day, He unlocked the gates of hell, and tombs were opened, and those who embraced His righteousness, such as Abraham, Jeremiah, and Isaiah, were awoken with Him.”

Apostle Effa Emmanuel Isaac, the General Overseer of Anagkazo Mission International and a Nigerian televangelist, preached today on “The Mystery of His Resurrection.” While speaking on the subject, the Apostle described what happens in Heaven when you seek God for compassion.

“God dwells eternity, and the language of that eternity is life,” says Apostle Effa Emmanuel Isaac in the video. As a result, if you have not gone over to the other side, you cannot immediately relate to life. As far as God is concerned, no one can meet the standards of God’s standard of righteousness. As a result, God needed to bestow His righteousness on man.

“That is why, no matter how much you give to the needy, it can never meet God’s standard.” This is the fact that moved Apostle John to tears in Revelation chapter 5 when he realized how helpless man was in the absence of God’s grace.

Apostle Effa Emmanuel Wife
Apostle Effa Emmanuel Wife

“God understands that man will continue to trespass on a daily basis.” That is why God’s kindness is so intricately designed that it is renewed every morning. Every time you beg God for mercy, your Mercy Account in Heaven is replenished, ensuring that you do not run out of mercy.

“That is why, when you seek for forgiveness and your kindness is not restored in Heaven, Heaven will not answer, and you know what it means for Heaven not to reply.” Don’t say His kindness lasts forever; it might be perilous.”

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