35 Prayer Points For Women Looking For Baby

35 Prayer Points For Women Looking For Baby – Have you been waiting on God for the fruit of the womb for a long time and it appears that your womb has been closed? Don’t be alarmed! “The Lord is near to those who call on Him” (Psalm 145:18), therefore when you call on God to open the womb via these 40 confession prayers, the Lord will show up for you and open your womb quickly in Jesus’ great name.

In reality, the waiting period for moms is pretty challenging; it is a time when your faith is tested and established (1 Peter 1:7).

Prayer Points For Women Looking For Baby
Prayer Points For Women Looking For Baby


However, it is preferable for you to fight every temptation to worry, fear, or mistrust God, and to cling to His promises, trusting Him to fulfill what He has promised you in His Word.


It is also not a time to experiment or follow bad advice (Psalm 1:1-6), but rather to rejoice in God and to reflect on His Word day and night so that He may fill your heart with His serenity.

Meanwhile, you should know that the longer it takes, the better it will be since Scriptures let us realize that in place of all the disgrace you have endured, you are entitled to a double share, and because you have mourned, you will undoubtedly rejoice (Isaiah 62:7).

In order for you not to mistrust His promises, He also declared in Isaiah 55:11 that every Word He spoke will never return to Him without doing the mission He sent it to accomplish, thus you see, the Lord who has made promises to you has also promised you that He will fulfill them.

Let go of your worries and fears; you will not lose your marriage, regardless of your age or family status; your womb will surely open, and we believe that as you pray these 40 confession prayers to open the womb, the Lord will arise on your behalf and do great things in your life in Jesus’ mighty name.

35 Prayer Points For Women Looking For Baby :

1. Daddy I am grateful for your mercy and grace in my life.

2. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me the breath of life; all praise to you, Lord.

3. Lord, I thank you for my presence on earth, as well as my current circumstance, blessed be your name Father.

4. I thank you, Lord, for your wonderful intentions for me and my family; all glory to you, Lord, in Jesus’ name.

5. Lord, I thank you for everything you have already begun in my life and all you have yet to do; I give all credit to you, Father, in Jesus’ powerful name.

6. Lord, in all ways I have sinned and come short of your glory, please forgive me in Jesus’ name.

7. Father, in Jesus’ name, I pray that you forgive me of all my previous transgressions and show me your tremendous mercies.

8. Lord, if I have brought your anger upon myself in any way via my past or present actions, please forgive me in Jesus’ name.

9. In Jesus’ great name, help me, Lord, to overcome every unhealthy habit that has prevented me from bringing fruit.

10. Father, please enable me to be completely subject to your will so that I can rejoice in you for the rest of my life, in Jesus’ name.

11. Lord, in the majestic name of Jesus Christ, please open my womb in your kindness.

12. Father of grace, please remove every impediment to my bearing godly seeds now through your kindness, in Jesus’ name.

13. In Jesus’ name, I pray that you would perform miracles in my life and in the lives of my family.

14. In the majestic name of Jesus Christ, help us Lord to delight in this season by blessing us with our own fruits of the womb.

15. I demand that every curse and wicked covenant that is working against my child carrying terminate now in Jesus’ name.

16. In the magnificent name of Jesus, I demand that every oath I have ever taken, with or without my agreement, be shattered today by fire.

17. I demand every evil plot against my destiny to perish by fire in Jesus’ name.

18. In the powerful name of Jesus, I decree that in this season, my mockers will be profoundly silenced by God’s marvels in my life.

19. In the magnificent name of Jesus, I demand all those who have swore that I would not be happy in my marriage to be deeply embarrassed.

20. In Jesus’ name, I demand any foreign woman attempting to take my place by demonic trickery to relinquish her hold on my husband.

21. Lord, please open my womb in this season by your powerful strength, in Jesus’ name.

22. In the majestic name of Lord Jesus, please bless me with a double portion according to your Word.

23. Lord, please fill my heart with your overwhelming peace as I read your word day and night, in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.

24. Lord, grant me much joy and peace in my marriage from now on, in the powerful name of Jesus.

25. In Jesus’ name, Father, fill my marriage with your love, grace, favor, and supernatural fortitude to wait.

26. In the magnificent name of our Lord Jesus, I accept an ever-flowing stream of joy in my heart this season.

27. In Jesus’ name, I reject despair and dissatisfaction, and I will be emotionally stable as I wait for God.

28. In Jesus’ name, I receive daily replenishment of strength to be firm in God’s ways and will.

29. In the name of Jesus, I command complete joy in my nuclear and extended family.

30. I compel every demonic danger to my marriage to yield immediately in Jesus’ name.

31. In Jesus’ name, I pronounce and declare that my marriage will survive the test of time.

32. I enter my season of continuous delight because my hope is founded on Christ, the firm rock; in Jesus’ name, I will not be embarrassed.

33. My hopes will not be dashed; they will undoubtedly come true in the name of Jesus.

34. I will undoubtedly testify in the majestic name in a few months.

35. My humiliation and grief are gone, and I now walk in love, peace, and hope because my womb has been opened in the great name of Jesus. Amen.


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