20 Top Facts About Keanu Reeves You Don’t Know.

20 Top Facts About Keanu Reeves You Don’t Know. – What are some of the things people say about Keanu Reeves that are likely to be misconstrued?

Keanu Reeves is often regarded as the modern-day saint.

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves


And his every behavior is construed to match this picture.


Mr. No-Hands is so named because he never directly touches ladies, as seen by the photos.

That is what his supporters refer to as “wokeness.”

“He has a lot of regard for ladies.”

However, if you know what happened to him, you might take the situation entirely differently.

In 2009, he was sued in court by a complete stranger who claimed he was the father of her four (!) children.

In her case, she sought spousal support of $3 million per month and (later) $150,000 per month for the children.

They had matured in the meanwhile.

It took a year for an Ontario judge to reject the claim, citing that litigation was a waste of the “limited resources of the judiciary.”

The court stated that the woman’s statements were so unbelievable that no reasonable judge would have accepted them.

A paternity test revealed that he was not the father of the children. However, the woman claimed that the test was invalid.

She stated that Reeves had sexual encounters with her multiple times before, during, and after their marriage, and that he was even there when their children were born.

In contrast, Reeves had no notion who the woman was.

The lady alleged in her statement that Reeves utilized hypnosis and disguised himself as other individuals, including her ex-husband.


And now, are we sure it’s “respect for all women” if he doesn’t touch a woman who wants to take a picture with him?

I simply think there’s a good amount of caution there.


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