Biography of Dr Wole Adeyi (Age , Wife)

Wole Adeyi is a well-known face in the gospel film world, and he has carved a niche for himself as one of the best actors in the gospel film world. As one of the most sought-after actors in the gospel film world, he has done his best to maintain the high profile and standard he has attained, and he keeps getting better, he keeps improving on his craft, and just when you think you have seen the best of him, he unfolds another outstanding performance. His part in the film Abejoye catapulted him to new heights in his profession and Ministry, raising his prominence once again.

Wole Adeyi
Wole Adeyi

Wole Adeyi is the CEO and founder of one of the most popular drama ministries in the world, yes, The Flaming Sword Ministries Int’l, he partners the ministry with his wife Bambo Adeyi, who is also a known actress, they have both featured together in movies, movies like Life of the Billows, Abejoye (the king maker) and many others, one other fact most people don’t know about Wole is that his children.

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Wole Adeyi Wife

Rechabites media learned that Wole Adeyi, who was born on January 2nd, presently resides in Main Field, Texas with his family. Wole Adeyi studied Physical Therapy at the famed Obafemi Owolowo University before moving on to Bakke Graduate University to study Transformational Leadership.Wole Adeyi Age Wole Adeyi Biography

Wole Adeyi produces and directs gospel films, but he rose to notoriety through acting; his in-depth interpretation of characters makes him in great demand among gospel film producers and directors. He faithfully serves God in a distant nation and is an ardent lover of God, his wife, and children.

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