Meet Uche Ogah (C.E.O of Masters Energy) – Full Biography

While Uche Ogah (CEO of Masters Energy) may be interested in any political party in Abia State, I am not. Whatever that person is, he truly embodies the spirit of Ak Ruo l. In his home village, near his father’s house in nak, Uturu, Isuikwuat, Aba State, he erected refineries and industries. He even constructed dwellings for his neighbors. You should go there.

Uche Ogah
Uche Ogah

A petroleum products storage facility of 158,000 metric tonnes is located within the industrial city, which has considerably filled the supply gap of petroleum products in those locations.

Dr. Uche Ogah is dedicated to expanding the local economy.

When built, this industrial metropolis would provide 14,000 employment to ndi igbo, particularly in his homeland.

Other amenities planned for the industrial city include an information and communication technology (ICT) center, a high-tech laboratory facility, a well-equipped hospital, a police/security base, a fire fighting station, and worker housing.

As of November 2022, ten factories in the Energy industrial city Uturu are now operational, including Lubricants, Grease, Bottle Water, Juice, Noodles, Rubber, and an Assembly Plant. Other products include fertilizer, vegetables, rice, various wines, and tire plants.

His industrial city’s buildings marked the end of the boundary between Ebny (by Ishiag) and Aba. Ekpe is also known as nri. Both left and right. If others can accomplish this, I am confident that employment and developments would abound throughout Igboland.

Remember, this is not a campaign piece for individuals who believe everything is about politics. These are not Photoshopped images. I saw them firsthand, and there are more that I cannot put here, but I did write about part of them yesterday and will attempt to send someone to video onuaku Uturu, Uche Ogah’s village. This individual deserves the highest level of respect and honor in Igbo society.

You must see for yourself. Bring your money home to grow it, generate employment, and enjoy the returns.

In terms of development,Uche Ogah’s hamlet is practically on par with Victoria Island in Lagos. As you can see, Onuaku Uturu is voting in the 2019 general election from a pooling unit. There are street lights and roads everywhere. Structures of the highest caliber. Within his enterprise, he created and erected a police station. His hamlet, Onuaku Uturu, is more lovely than Maha, the state capital.

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