The Spiritual Pilgrim’s Guidebook – St. John Climacus

The Spiritual Pilgrim's Guidebook - St. John Climacus

The Spiritual Pilgrim's Guidebook - St. John Climacus

  1. A firm faith is the mother of the renunciation of the world; the opposite, obviously, produces the opposite effect.
  2. Unwavering hope is the door to the renunciation of every earthly affection; the opposite, obviously produces the opposite effect.
  3. The love of God is the basis of detachment from the world; and here too the opposite, obviously, has the opposite effect.
  4. Self-control is the mother of spiritual health. The mother of self-control is the thought of death combined with the remembrance of the sharpness of the wrath of the Lord our God.
  5. Solitude and silence help to maintain purity; fasting pours water on the fire of the passions.
  6. Contrition is the enemy of evil and base thoughts.
  7. The death of avarice is attained by faith and flight from the world.
  8. Perseverance in prayer is the annihilation of sloth.
  9. The thought of judgment stirs the will to good purpose.
  10. Love of humiliation is the cure for anger.
  11. Detachment from visible things is to open your eyes to the invisible.
  12. Silence and solitude are the enemies of pride; if you are involved with people, keep an eye out for occasions of humiliation.
  13. Visible pride is cured by an attitude that is empty of arrogance; invisible pride is cured by the Eternal Invisible.

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