Biography Of The Irani Family (Net Worth , Scholarship)

Biography Of The Irani Family (Net Worth , Scholarship) – Anthony and Edmund Irani, two Lebanese brothers who came to Ghana, created Irani Brothers & Others Limited in 1967 to produce wheat flour for the bread and pastry industries. It accounts for over 60% of Ghana’s wheat flour sales. They provided the necessary start-up funds and have since run and managed the corporation as a family business. Anthony and Edmund Irani, both of whom had technical competence in the flour milling industry, led the firm.

The Irani Family
The Irani Family


One of the company’s distinguishing features is that the two brothers devised and implemented a strong succession plan to identify and develop the potential of individuals within the Irani family to take on leadership positions. Over the last 40 years, this approach has contributed to the company’s operational success. Despite the fact that Anthony and Edmund Irani are both deceased, the company’s managing director is a member of the Irani family (a son-in-law of the founders). Irani Brothers & Others Limited is Ghana’s oldest and largest wheat flour mill, as well as one of the most successful second- and third-generation businesses.

Irani Brothers, which employs over 400 people, is the market leader in wheat flour production in Ghana, accounting for around 55% of the whole market.


Irani Brothers now manufactures two types of flour: bread flour and pastry flour. The addition of pastry flour was made in response to increased local demand for the product, which coincided with an increase in the number and capacity of Ghana’s biscuit manufacturers, as well as the introduction of a significant number of domestic pastry makers.

The firm now imports over 180,000 metric tons of wheat per year for milling into bread and pastry flour, accounting for approximately 60% of wheat flour sales in Ghana.

Irani Brothers’ primary strength is its ability to acquire complete shiploads of wheat and obtain the required financial arrangements, giving them a competitive edge over all other flour mills in Ghana; no other flour mill in Ghana has the capability to constantly source wheat in big amounts.

Irani Brothers is Ghana’s largest flour milling company, accounting for 60% of total wheat flour sales. The firm owns three milling plants, all of which were imported from Switzerland. The machinery is cutting-edge in the international wheat flour business. The entire installed capacity is around 150,000 metric tonnes per year, which falls short of Ghana’s overall market demand.


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