17 Top Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

17 Top Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening – While a spiritual awakening can look very different for each person, there are some common signs that you’re going through one. Here are ways to tell you’re going through a spiritual awakening.

Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening
Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

List Of 17 Top Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening :

1. Once you become aware of your patterns. Are you continually going through the same cycles? Have you been doing it for a while now without realizing what’s happening, then all of a sudden you do? If you finally see what your habits are, you might be experiencing a spiritual awakening.

2. As your capacity for empathy grows. Those who have experienced spiritual awakenings claim to have observed a change in their typical level of empathy. They began to constantly and genuinely care.

3. When you stop being bothered by things that used to worry you. “Where it had not before, joy began to pour in. There were times when I physically sensed changes in my body and could feel it absorbing energy from my surroundings “narrates Gabbard. When I started to feel off, I started to think, “Is this mine?,” or if it was someone else’s around me or someone I had come in contact with, if so, it would go away.

4. When you become fully conscious. Gabbard was very aware of everything, and her intuition was enhanced. She remarked, “My good, my bad, my emotional awareness expanded.” “I became less dependent and more self-sufficient. I started establishing a connection with that force—the origin of all life—in a way I never imagined was possible. Because it has several facets, it would require an actual interview to fully convey.”

5. When your intuition is really strong. Similar to empathy, if you’re going through a spiritual awakening your intuition will emerge and grow stronger.

6. If your senses are heightened. Your senses will simply accompany your intensely felt emotions.

7. When you quit slandering. You will feel strongly, which will increase your positivity and cause you to stop talking negatively, especially gossip.

8. When you are present-focused. This does not imply that you will put your phone away and simply live your life. You will quit talking about what you “woulda, coulda, shoulda” done. Instead than thinking about “what ifs,” you’ll adopt an attitude of acceptance and truly mean it.

9. When you go after your objectives. According to Linda Berry, “angel whisperer,” spiritual coach, and proprietor of the Spiritual Discovery Center in Southern California, “the individual has a sense of duty which is awakened while they’re on a spiritual journey.” They will be motivated to work toward their objectives and accept challenges that previously seemed insurmountable.

10. When your heart is used. You will discover that while no one is looking, you are throwing what Berry refers to as “love bombs” on your spiritual journey. This is demonstrated, she says, “through spontaneous acts of kindness, social activism, hugs, smiles, and nice words.” This may show up through your writing, poetry, stories, photos, films, blogs, and social media.

11. When you use your energy effectively. When you’re on a spiritual journey, Berry reminds us that one of your biggest assets is your energy. In this situation, the enlightened individual uses good energy to bring about healing and change. You’ll leave behind poisonous actions and unfavorable mind habits. “The power of one’s ideas is harnessed and injected into energy to reroute general health, extreme happiness, and physical vitality. With conscious thoughts, a person on a spiritual path turns unrest, disorder, and disease into energy of purpose, power, tranquility, and well-being, Berry continues.

12. The point at which you let go of attachments. All of that won’t matter once you’re spiritually awakened, whether it’s an ex you’re still pining for or someone’s validation in your life.

13. When you utilize affirmations, number 13. According to Berry, you can “affirm” your desires to the universe and watch as they are realized in your manifestations. Breakthroughs occurring unexpectedly, income growing, relationships thriving, and the synchronization of significant possibilities are just a few examples of noticeable improvements in life, according to Berry. The more a person lets go, the more attuned they become to the frequencies of joy and love, and the more room is made for their goals to come true.

14. After your trauma recovery. You can recover from a terrible situation as you uncover your actual self and fortify your connection to the cosmos. As a spiritual entity inhabiting a human body, Berry says, “From this personal transformation, [you] are now wiser and have a better grasp of how the physical universe works.”

15. When you start being fully genuine. You won’t make excuses or hold back; you’ll just be you. You’ll be completely yourself.

16. The moment you lose your fear of dying. Stop freaking out. The idea of dying won’t terrify you any longer if you know you’re leading a life well-lived and are being true to who you are. You’ll get rid of that anxiety and lead a normal life.

17. When you achieve inner tranquility. You’ll experience a lightness after your spiritual awakening. The tranquility within will exude.

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