10 Major Signs God Is Fighting Your Battle

10 Major Signs God Is Fighting Your Battle – A kid born into the world faces one or more challenges. It makes no difference what sort of lifestyle he led as a child or that the devil has been hurled down into the soil; mankind are created to fight and only the survivor triumphs in the struggle for existence. The adversary continues to throw darts at one, the opponent is not fair, but genuine and terrible, and will stop at nothing to bring one to defeat and ruin.

Signs God Is Fighting Your Battle
Signs God Is Fighting Your Battle

When a person surrenders his or her life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, the conflict multiplies because the devil does not desire the best for God’s creation, especially those who have been won into the body of Christ and are committed to spend eternity with God.

The enemy’s fights against Christians are daunting, yet God will never abandon or forsake us if we trust Him to fight on our behalf. Things become clear when a Christian is spiritually attentive, and it is clear that God is battling on our behalf on a regular basis.

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We may not see God physically fighting the adversary, but certain events in our life as Christians demonstrate that God has been by our side and will not allow us to die no matter how severe the struggle. Some of us may not recognize the signals that God is waging our battles, which may cause us to overlook the efforts God is doing on our behalf as Christians.

Once we comprehend the indicators that God is battling for us, we can begin to appreciate Him by expressing gratitude, which will cause God to bring us to a successful conclusion. This post will look at ten evidence that God is fighting your fights.

1. THE EVIL’S STRATEGIES ARE EXPOSED: Isaiah 42:13; Psalms 18:47

When God begins to expose the wicked ones’ malicious schemes to you in dreams or visions, it is a sign that God is fighting your battles. You begin to realize that God is dismantling the snares placed for you, and even if traps are built for you, they will not injure or harm you. You began to see that all of the evil people’s ideas backfired and returned to them. Instead of becoming a victim, you have triumphed, demonstrating that God is fighting your fights.


When principalities and powers want to engage in battle with a person, they take on human form in order to force you to fail. However, when God fights your battle, all of the evil conspirators sent by the devil to battle with you or against you begin to submit to you, and some will even confess their sins and ask you to forgive and pray for them. This section of the occurrence indicates that God is interested in your life and is battling for you. When you encounter this sign in your life, believe that God will reveal the bad conspirators, and you will rejoice in the long run. As God’s offspring, you are protected and cannot be harmed. Only a guy who has direct connection to God is eligible for such exceptional treatment.


As a Christian, when you consistently encounter God’s kindness in the midst of wickedness, it indicates that God is battling for you. When you are not hurt by things that cause pain to others, you have a sense of triumph, which ensures that you are able to achieve and be successful in what others find difficult, which is a sign that God is waging wars on your behalf. Good health and power also speak of God’s goodness, and it is an indication that God is fighting your battles.

4. THE WORD OF GOD SAYS SO: Joshua 1:9; Romans 8:31

God has already stated that he will never abandon you or forsake you, and because God values His word much more than His name, he will always be present to fight any war, whether seen or unseen. God has never lied, and as Christians, we are called to trust and rely fully on Him. His word is already the clearest indication that God is always present to aid us and that he is fighting every battle along the road.

5. OBTAINED FAVOR: Psalms 44:3

Another indication that God is fighting your battles is that you have begun to receive favor where it counts the most. As a Christian, doors began to open for you, and what others took a long time to do, you accomplished with ease owing to God’s favor working in your life. God will find a way to link you with the individuals who will make your life more lovely. Esther’s tale in the Bible is an example of this. When God is fighting your fights, God will make others go the extra mile for you to succeed in life. When you don’t have to strive to accomplish things as a Christian, it’s an indication that God is overcoming all difficulties for you behind the scenes.

6. PEACE ALL OVER: Exodus 14:14; Isaiah 49:25; Philippians 4:6

Another clue that God is fighting your battles is when you feel at peace, knowing that God is with you through it all. Even though a man’s mind is wired to feel scared, nervous, or troubled when confronted with obstacles, when you become a child of God and Jesus, the son is the prince of peace, you are surrounded by peace because God is fighting your fights. The fact that you feel serene in the midst of terrifying difficulties indicates that God is fighting your fights.


As a Christian, when you realize you can do far more with little or no effort, when you realize you have received God’s grace in all aspects of life, it is an indication that God is fighting your battles in those areas. Where others are experiencing struggle, you are experiencing grace to the fullest and attaining greatness because God is battling for you and straightening the crooked way for you. When God fights your battles, you have access to things that others do not because God’s grace is sufficient for you. Whatever happens, God’s grace will get you through, just as it did for Daniel in the lion’s den.


Another clue that God is fighting your battles is that problems are being overcome in unusual ways. Even in difficult situations when many around you pronounce impossibility, one may experience success. God will assure victory on all sides while protecting you because He is waging the war for you, just as He did for David when he confronted Goliath.


When God fights your battles, you will have the knowledge to know what to do or say at any time when confronted with life’s difficulties. Even when it appears that there is no way out, God will give you wisdom to find a way through it all, much like Daniel in the Bible did when he was in a strange nation yet made sensible judgments even in tough situations because of God’s wisdom in life.


Another indication that God is waging your struggle is when your entire heart is filled with pleasure in all circumstances. You exult rather than worry, lament, or cry because the difficulties are no longer there, but because you can see the end from the beginning and a change in your life. The joy you feel is not reliant on your circumstances, but on God’s strength, which is continually acting on your behalf.


When faced with life’s hardships, believers need never be concerned or fearful since God is already battling for them. He is always watching over you and will not let worries overwhelm you. God is a God who will keep you till the end, ensuring you live a long life, and ensure you live a delightful forever.

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