Patricia Poku-Diaby

Biography Of Patricia Poku-Diaby (Age , Husband , Net Worth)

Biography Of Patricia Poku-Diaby (Age , Husband , Net Worth) – She worked in her family’s business (trade and transportation) before establishing the Plot Enterprise Group in Ivory Coast, which served as a forerunner to the Ghanaian firm.

Plot Enterprise Ghana is a cocoa processing firm that is entirely owned by Ghanaians. Plot Commodities (registered with the Dubai Metal and Commodities Centre in Dubai), Plot Enterprise in Ivory Coast, and Plot Enterprise Ghana comprise the group’s market presence in Asia and West Africa.

Patricia Poku-Diaby
Patricia Poku-Diaby

Plot Commodities is a cotton and cocoa trading company that is a member of the Cocoa Merchants Association of America. Plot Enterprise is an Ivory Coast-based company that trades cocoa, cashew nuts, and timber goods.

Plot Enterprise Ghana has a factory with a 32,000-metric-tonne yearly starting bean input capacity. The project’s deployment began in 2006, with trial runs beginning in November 2009. In January 2010, the facility was completely operational.

Plot Enterprise Ghana is registered as a Free Zones corporation in Ghana. The firm has its own cocoa processing factory, which was completed as a turnkey project by Buhler Barth of Germany in late 2009. This cutting-edge grinding factory in Takoradi is presently worth $90 million and grinds 32,000 metric tons of cocoa per year into liquor, butter, and cake.

The firm employs over 200 people and sells to the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

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