Mary Poole Biography and All You Need To Know.

Although most people may not realize it, Mary Poole has had a significant effect on the previous 30 years or so of music history. Poole is most known for her marriage to Robert Smith, lead vocalist of the iconic band “The Cure,” and her influence on the band’s popularity.

She was always there for Smith, both in victory and in adversity, and she even had some of the group’s work dedicated to her.

Mary Poole
Mary Poole


Mary Theresa Poole was born in England on October 3, 1958. There isn’t much information about her youth, but she had an exciting existence before meeting her future spouse.


Poole spent her childhood modeling and caring for small children. Her predisposition to be able to help others in need was something her spouse would grow to value later in life.

Robert Smith is the main singer of “The Cure,” a well-known band whose most renowned songs were published in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He was also a fantastic musician, which he had honed since he was a child.

As if his booming voice and varied style of guitar play weren’t enough to draw notice, Smith was also noted for his unusual looks. He would wear eyeliner, lipstick, and white makeup, ushering in the early days of gothic flair in music. Later in life, the artist stated that he opted to dramatically change his natural looks since he didn’t think he looked appealing without it. He last performed with the band, and with the signature makeup, in 2016.

The Cure’s albums have sold over 30 million copies worldwide.

In the United Kingdom, Mary Poole and Robert Smith were high school sweethearts. They both enrolled at St. Wilfrid Comprehensive School, and Smith, like many others, had his sights set on Poole. He remembered her being gorgeous on the inside and out and attracting a lot of attention because of how lovely she was to everyone. The two were both huge admirers of punk singer Alex Harvey, and the adolescents would try everything to catch a sight of the gifted musician back then.

Smith recalls going to a costume party with Poole and purposefully splattering ketchup over his outfit. After about an hour, the condiment began to stink, but Poole never left his side, despite her boyfriend’s poor choice.

Poole found her own place in the nursing field as Smith followed his music career. However, once Smith achieved substantial success, she gave it up in order to spend more time with him.

They married in 1988, maybe during the height of Smith’s fame with “The Cure.” Poole and Smith had known one other for so long that they were already legally married, but their families wanted them to make it official.

“Just Like Heaven,” arguably The Cure’s most renowned song, was heavily influenced by Mary Poole. We need only go at the legendary 1987 hit’s music video, where she appears for almost two minutes in a lengthy white gown.

While it’s easy to conclude that Smith was madly in love with Poole based on the lyrics of “Just Like Heaven,” he didn’t acknowledge to creating a song about her until the band released “Love Song” in 1989. Smith has revealed to the world that the ballad was written as a low-cost, meaningful wedding present for Poole. All kidding aside, the lyrics of “Love Song” have been used for 33 years to communicate intense sentiments for numerous couples, and Poole was the original intended recipient.

Poole and Smith have been happily married for over three and a half decades, but their family consists of only the two of them. The pair determined early on in their relationship that having children was not something they were really interested in.

Smith comes from a huge family that included 25 nieces and nephews. Because the artist was always surrounded by children as a child, he was content to be around the youthful energy that his brothers’ children brought. Smith has not changed his mind on this, reaffirming it in 2011.

Smith still thinks of Poole and admits that his life may have been drastically different if she hadn’t been in it. He credits her with keeping him afloat during difficult moments in his life and for being a rock in their relationship.


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