History Of Iru Mgbede In Igbo Land and 50 Top Facts

History Of Iru Mgbede In Igbo Land and 50 Top Facts – This is an old traditional Igbo fattening and beautifying practice performed on a bride just before marriage. It is not required; it is done if the spouse chooses and is sufficiently buoyant. During this time, the lady is not allowed to work and is entitled to traditional beauty treatments like as “Uhie,” as well as extremely fine and rich meals. It lasts around three months. She sleeps on a hanging bed known as a “Uko bed.” She dresses in what is known as “Ogodo” instead of clothes.

Iru Mgbede
Iru Mgbede

In addition, as part of the beautification ritual, the bride lavishes palm oil on her body and wears “Mgbagi” beads on her ogodo. During her stay at this era, she entertains herself by playing music on an instrument known as a “Ekpete or Ibekwe or Ebele Ububo.” She does this to catch the attention of the children who spend their days with her.Iru Mgbede Picture

An elaborate and costly ceremony is held at the end of the mgbede time to show her off to the public. She is led to the market in a procession known as “Ifu Ahia Mgbede” with her peers and grade level.

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