Good Lies to Get Money from Boyfriend – 10 Best Excuses

Good Lies to Get Money from Boyfriend – 10 Best Excuses – If he’s being stingy, I’ll provide you fantastic lies to gain money from lover that no one will ever find out about. If you make him pleased, he will usually go out of his way to see that your bill is paid.

Depending on the conditions, your boyfriend may not always offer you money when you need it. Furthermore, even if they have enough money, some guys would never offer you enough. As a result, you’ll have to lie in order to acquire the money without getting detected.

Good Lies to Get Money from Boyfriend
Good Lies to Get Money from Boyfriend

Keep in mind that most boyfriends are intelligent and hence difficult to mislead. They can detect when you lie, and even a small fib for money might cause mistrust in the relationship.

Instead of lying to your lover and convincing him to give you money, consider making genuine demands. Nonetheless, the falsehoods in this book are a definite technique to extort money from any guy who loves you but is thrifty.

Good Lies to tell to obtain money from your lover

These aren’t falsehoods, but rather tactics to manipulate your boyfriend’s emotions and extract money from him. So, here are the top 12 ways to obtain money from your partner.

“I will repay the loan with interest.”

The majority of boyfriends are persuaded to lend money because they hope to receive more in return.

It’s a clever deception that I wouldn’t use unless I was desperate, regardless of whether you intend to pay the interest or the loan at all.

However, I’ll leave the guilt part up to you; it’s simply a suggestion that should work if your partner is reluctant to give you the money.

“A close friend or family member is in need.”

If you don’t think your partner will offer you money, you might reference another individual.

People find it tough to say no when they feel someone else is in need, especially when they know the person personally, so a close friend or family member in need is always an excellent one. However, if they do know who you’re talking about, this excuse may get you caught.

“My bills will rise if I do not pay them.”

On the issue of paying interest, you may add that if you don’t pay a payment on time, you’ll have to pay interest.

Even if it’s not true, I’m sure your partner would be upset to see you in this predicament and will step in to help if you ask.

“I’m on a tight deadline for something important.”

Telling your lover that you need the money for an urgent situation with a deadline would most likely persuade him to give it to you.

I’m sure he’ll want to assist you and will feel terrible if he doesn’t, and giving him a firm deadline gives him less time to think about it. As a result, this is one of the finest lies to tell your lover to earn money.

“I require the funds to support my education.”

It might be tough to collect money from your lover if they say they would spend it for personal or professional growth.

This falsehood has a better probability of succeeding than just proclaiming that you’re broke and in need of money. You might claim that you require funds for textbooks or an online course.

It may be difficult to pull off if you are not already working or enrolled in school, so you may need to be creative!

“I have a job interview tomorrow.”

Another wonderful lie to tell your lover is that you are currently looking for job and need money to support your expenditures.

He will help if you say you need money to travel to a job interview or to buy clothing or other stuff to prepare for one.

Not only would he desire to assist you, but the prospect of assisting you in finding work will make him feel he will be paid.

“I am expecting cash in order to reimburse you.”

I know this one will work since I’ve seen other folks use it (not me).

If you inform your partner that you’re waiting on a payment and it’s taking longer than expected, he’ll undoubtedly want to help you.

This is because if you have money on the way, he’ll believe he’s only covering the gap until you get your money and that you can handle it.

“I need the money for a lady’s business.”

After hearing this lie or justification to gain money from him, your partner should stop probing you and back off.

If you say “women’s” stuff, he’ll probably assume you’re talking about period supplies or anything else he doesn’t need or want to know about.

If your partner is normally nosy or if you don’t feel comfortable telling him why you need the money, this is a good option.

“Babe, I lost money and am now bankrupt.”

To pull this off, tell your lover that you lost some money that you desperately needed.

Even if he isn’t really fond of lending money in general, this should make him want to help you and tug at his feelings a little.

However, it is perilous since he may phone you and enquire about how he may directly pay for whatever you require.

“Today is a friend’s birthday. I don’t have any money to give as a present.”

If none of this applies, you must carefully select your friend, the scenario, and the amount of money.

However, if you want money immediately, citing a friend’s birthday as rationale for a loan might be beneficial.

Use this deceit at your own peril, as it is another that may swiftly backfire!

When is a lie acceptable?

Naturally, lying is a serious matter, and telling lies is not always appropriate. According to, classic examples of lying being harmful, and the most damaging forms of falsehoods tend to be those that promote your self-interest at the expense of others. Prosocial falsehoods that benefit others, on the other hand, can help to create trust.

Some would even say that lying is never acceptable. But, for the sake of this piece and since I don’t know what kind of pickle you’re in, I’d argue that there are some scenarios in which telling a modest “white lie” is permissible.

We sometimes just need money and can’t or won’t explain why to our lovers. It should be OK as long as it is not illegal, you are not cheating on your lover, and you are not abusing him.

In this scenario, you should follow your conscience. Tell yourself the lie if you believe you can justify it.

However, if you’re not comfortable with it or feel your partner will find out, it might not be worth the risk.

Avoid these blunders when asking your partner for money.

Some of the falsehoods discussed can help you get your way fast, but they may not work for you if you don’t apply them wisely. Make sure he has enough money before you try to steal more from him.

You must avoid these if you want your trick to work or if you don’t want the lies to disrupt the blossoming connection.

Don’t lose your cool if he refuses to give you anything.

If everything else fails, avoid confronting him with hostility. He may not be telling you about other pressing requirements that he is financing.

Remember that you’re also lying to collect money from him since you have other debts you don’t want him to know about.

Being irritated conveys the impression that you are a nuisance who will become argumentative if he does not agree to your financial expectations for the marriage. This will completely turn him off.

Do not make comparisons to your ex.

You will be unhappy if your lover ever complains that you are better than his ex. He’ll feel the same way if you compare him to your ex.

It implies that you are disappointed in him and that if he fails to meet your expectations, you may wind up breaking up with him and leaving your ex for him. He could be considering calling it quits.

If it’s a loan, make a repayment plan.

If your strategy includes borrowing rather than outright giving and it succeeds, show him the commitment you desire to return.

Try to pay off the debt in full; if you don’t, he’ll relinquish the balance. This will not stop you from borrowing in the future.

Understand when and how to ask him for money.

Never expect him to offer you money as a present. Check to see whether he has enough, and if you do, don’t ask for more than he can realistically supply. When he’s had enough, inquire.

Do not ask if he is concerned about hazards to his business or career. Make sure your request is lighthearted or that you have just done something to his delight for which he is grateful.

Finally, if he has a strong interest in sex and romance, make your request when it is clear from his expression that you have satisfied his sexual desires.

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