The History Of Dubai Porta Potty (Full Videos + Documentary)

Consider yourself fortunate if you have been blissfully ignorant of the search phrase “Dubai porta potty.” But if you’re a morbidly inquisitive person who gets lost in dark online rabbit holes during midnight scrolling, keep reading.

This is going to be one of the oddest stories you’ve ever heard.

Last month, TikTok videos surfaced about a long-rumored concept: influencers being paid to go to Dubai in order to be pooped on (or in) for cash, receive luxury presents, and enjoy lavish hotel stays for free.


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TikTok user @chennifar was among the first to spread the tale.

Dubai Porta Potty
Dubai Porta Potty

The majority of the TikToks that have followed are non-participant comments or recaps, with some incorporating recordings of women who have worked as Dubai porta toilets reading their contracts or expressing their stories.

One video shows a 26-year-old lady anxiously reading out a contract in which she agrees to being flown to Dubai and having an STD test in order to do specified sexual acts on her customer — a Sultan Ali — and have sexual acts performed on herself. The lady also claims she will have sexual relations with a client’s minor sibling.


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She says that she will earn US$25,000 of a total US$50,000 two weeks before her flight. The remainder is due once the project is completed.

Aside from that, there are NFSW videos online that show women getting defecated on, ostensibly in the role of a Dubai porta toilet. We shall not connect to any of them. You may Google them, but be warned: everyone regrets it.

According to African Insider, rumors of Dubai porta toilets have been circulating since 2016, and various admissions are accessible to read and see online.

It only caters to feces-related sexual fetishes.

The web address was run through the Wayback Machine and Carbon Dating — both free tools for determining when a website was founded — and Daily Hive predicted that it was launched in early 2021.

It only caters to feces-related sexual fetishes.

What exactly is a ‘Dubai Porta Potty’?

To begin, there is no evidence that this occurs in Dubai; it is only a rumor that has spread over the internet in April 2022.

The rumor is that influencers and other young ladies use the ‘Dubai Porta Potty’ in exchange for money or presents.

It’s revolting, but the concept is that these women let people defecate on them in exchange for purses, shoes, and other materialistic stuff.

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Yes, we mean feces and wee when we say excrete. Isn’t it disgusting? However, rumors suggest that this is the case.

According to Urban Dictionary, “expensive escorts” are “purchased by affluent guys” to be defecated and urinated on at “yacht parties.”

There’s always a lot to keep up with on applications like TikTok, where material comes and goes so rapidly. Trends can fly past, and because of the FYP page’s algorithm, you may have no idea that some things were ever popular. However, because there is so much to see on the platform, some of what attracts attention may not be what you expect.

The “Dubai Porta Potty” trend is one of the most popular topics on TikTok right now. Although it seems awful enough on its own, it’s likely to be worse than you anticipate. Here’s what we know so far and how it all began.

According to a TikTok post by @ebrahim ka, this fad has been making the rounds on many social media platforms recently. It refers to a situation in which female Instagram influencers and models receive messages from guys in Dubai offering them hundreds, if not millions, of cash to defecate on their faces.


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One anonymous Instagram model, according to ebrahim ka, was cited as adding, “All of Dubai’s wealthy men fly girls out to do this. They are revolting. They all share the same obsession.” Although this is a broad generalization, the TikToker stated that he is from Dubai and believes himself to be wealthy. He stated that he is not interested in this and that this type of fetish or kink is uncommon in the nation.

Ebrahim ka goes on to claim that he knows wealthy families in Dubai and has never heard anything like this from any of them, but that making such broad generalizations about Arab males is racist. In fact, he stated that there is no indication that any of the individuals in these porta toilet films are Arab or even from Dubai. There were no faces or identifying information in the movies he watched.

What sparked the ‘Dubai Porta Potty’ toilet TikTok trend?

Although it is unclear when the TikTok fad began, it is not a new phenomena. Kinks involving body fluids have been around for a long time and have their own communities in BDSM-type venues. While it’s unclear how Arab males came to be associated with this tendency, no kink or desire is restricted to one race or gender population.


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Although it may appear that people are flying out for this Dubai porta toilet fad, it may not be as widespread in real life as you may imagine. It’s likely that it only appears to be a lot of people doing it because of how popular TikTok has made it. And, of course, there are always those making up ridiculous things online in order to gain attention.

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