The Study Of Cybercrime in Nigeria (Law and Penalty)

The Study Of Cybercrime in Nigeria (Law and Penalty) – The world as we know it now is a global village. The internet has caused a worldwide transformation since its use began. With the use of the internet becoming popular each day, so has cybercrime.

Cybercrime is any form of crime that happens in cyberspace. In order for us to talk about privacy and whether or not it should be considered in this age of insecurity in Nigeria we have to look at the causes of cybercrime as well as the different types of cybercrime.

Cybercrime in Nigeria
Cybercrime in Nigeria

At the early stages of cybercrime in the country as well as West Africa, there were poor attitudes shown towards doing anything to put an end to these scammers. There are a number of people in recent times that have turned to cybercrime over the years.

Case Study Of Cybercrime in Nigeria : 

The increasing rate of this practice has become alarming and they are mostly as a result of greed, the want to get rich fast, vast unemployment and lack of interest in Education. A lot of these cybercriminals have spread to other parts of Africa due to the ECOWAS free travel protocol. The people who participate in these crimes are:

Smart and skilful youths who instead of pursuing an education or having a reputable career have decided that all they need to live a happy life is to make money at any

  1. Insiders at financial institutions that know how these institutions work and how it can be manipulated for their
  2. People with connections to foreigners who can aid them in the carrying out of these
  3. Insiders in security

The type of people that participate in these kinds of crimes are not limited to these few named here. Cybercrimes can be committed against persons in the form of bullying, online trafficking, child pornography and so on. It can also be committed against the government. This manifests itself mainly in the form of cyber terrorism. So, let’s break down the types of cybercrime in order to understand the attacks the country faces.

1. Cyber Terrorism

A cyber terrorist is someone who undertakes an attack on a government or organization in order to get access to data on computers or their He is also someone who intimidates a government or advances their own political or social agenda by initiating cyberattacks against computers, networks, and information stored on them. It is an act of terrorism done through cyber space (cyberverse) or a worldwide system of interconnected computers. It means that any hostile act intended to generate terror or panic by gaining access to any useful information in companies or government bodies through the use of a computer and the Internet is commonly referred to as cyber terrorism.8 Cyber extortion is another type of cyber terrorism that occurs when hackers illegally gain data or sensitive information that they use to extort organizations and individuals and hold them hostage until their demands are met. Cyber extortionists are increasingly targeting corporate organizations, websites, and networks, crippling their ability to operate on a regular basis.

2. Cyber Stalking

This is the use of the internet to harass and intimidate people on a regular basis. In this day and age of social media, a great number of people post every detail about themselves online, and this information is easily accessible to anyone who wishes to view As

expected, this is accompanied by bullying, stalking, harassment, and so on. They can take the shape of sexual harassment, racism, or just plain rage.9

3. Malware

These are software programs that obtain unauthorized access to your computer. Viruses and Trojan horses are examples of These programs are designed to harm a network or a machine.10

4. Fraud & Identity Theft

This entails lying on purpose in order to get information and identity This is one of the many cybercrimes that are prevalent in Nigeria, and it is referred to as Yahoo. Those engaging in cybercrime in Nigeria use the internet to deceive, defraud, and steal people’s identities.

5. Drug Trafficking

It has become common for drug traffickers to conduct their illegal drug sales They have used numerous technical techniques to sell illegal narcotics via the Internet. The surge in buying and selling drugs on the Internet could also be due to the fact that most people now live on their phones. This new discovery has made it easier for introverted people to obtain these Substances.



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